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YUL United Collaborative Curators and La Rue Inspire teamed with YAMAJO Run Crew and DJ Sports Club for its third annual charity basketball tournament, which took place May 12-13 at the Little Burgundy Sports Complex.

This year's event featured 10 squads, each assembled with talented ballers from all corners of the city, and saw players with game experience ranging from rec league vets, to current university starters and NBA hopefuls. The games, as always, were hard fought and entertaining. This year's champions, TMA showed great team spirit while also keeping true to the tournament’s main mission; to shed light on the importance of unity and taking care of one’s community by mixing culture, creativity and a cause.

Through tournament registration fees and on-site donations, we reached our goal and were able to donate 100 new school bags filled with summer camp and school supplies to help offset the rising financial burden placed on lower income households.
All bags will be donated to the following organizations:

  • YMCA Cartierville
  • DJ Sports Club
  • Centre Communautair de Loisir de la Cote-des-Neiges
  • Boys & Girls Club of Dawson
Special thanks to all the referees for donating their time (In alphabetical order):
  • Audate Jr. Dupuy
  • Corey
  • Dave Hopkins
  • Jeff
  • Patrick Powell
  • Robert Gibbs
  • Roger Mcdonald
  • Rohan Hinds
  • Shawne Browne
  • Yves-Robert (Speedy) Jeanty
Also, special thanks to Gavin Musgrave, founder of the Eva R. Gsum Foundation, for donating the summer camp supplies that filled the school bags.

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