LA RUE INSPIRE represents HOME, wherever that is. 
All of us are part of a community that has not only shaped us but given us the tools we use to navigate the world, whether we are conscious of it or not. That shared experience will impact generations, but the youth are the ones who are absorbing that influence the most vulnerably.
The streets have an undeniable appeal that has left its mark on society in ways that few cultures have before it. It’s ground zero for any revolutionary movement, political or intellectual. Like anything with that amount of power and pull, it can easily be very damaging if misused. La Rue Inspire has been channeling that energy and redirecting it in ways that we feel will elevate those who live in and around these realities. We have been able to use the lessons our environments and experiences have given us to uplift our communities with the same principles that are deemed negative by outsiders who judge rather than understand.
In the current era we live, the ability to have eyes and ears on you is a privilege that must be used responsibly. Mainstream thinking can loop us in patterns that will keep us at the receiving end of so many campaigns, without acknowledging the value of our input. Following the cue of other leaders before us, we have created a platform that will allow us to reclaim the power that we often give away unknowingly. True power lies with the people so we focus our projects on mobilizing individuals and demonstrating the strength in numbers. 
We have built our entity around creativity, community, culture & commerce. These pillars give us our voice and help us communicate our vision via multiple artistic mediums.